Composer & Sound Designer for Video Games, Film and Radio.


I compose and implement music and sound effects professionally for video games, film and radio. I use software such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FMOD Studio and Unity. I create digital, analogue and acoustic noises with a variety of synthesizers, instruments, samplers and any object that makes a good sound.

I also compose soundtracks/albums and perform as one half of Inemuri and Tomosla.
Currently working on:
- Aquamarine - A quiet survival adventure of perception and discovery in an alien ocean. 
- Silent Earth - A synaesthetic missile command game with a generative soundtrack and harmonised sound effects.

- An Unannounced Puzzle Game

- An Astronomy based BBC Radio 4 programme





Music written as Thompost

Music written with Finn Kelvin-Evans as Inemuri



I'm always looking for more projects to get involved with and love collaborating.

thomposthoey AT gmail DOT com

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